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Menzerna car polishes for the professional use

Latest technologies for economical polishing and protection of automotive coatings

Menzerna car care products preserves value, cares and protects – economically and safely.We offer the best clear coat polishes as well as the best polishing compounds for automotive clear coats. Without silicones and fillers. Systematic and variable polishing processes let you work safely and efficiently. Our car polishing pastes and auto detailing chemicals are tailored to the needs of industry and trades. The latest polishing technologies ensure that materials are used economically. With Menzerna professional car polishes you obtain the desired surface quality quickly. Long-lasting high-gloss polish!

Menzerna car polishes – the best automotive polishing compound for every application


Automotive clear coat polish: Four steps for brilliant results

Car clear coat polish for black and coloured coating surfaces: Specialists have a variety of requirements for automotive car clear coats: Removing scratches, runs, overspray, streaks, clouding and holograms. Blending methods need to be adapted and various gloss levels have to be produced. Reliable car polishes are also needed to restore existing surfaces. Long-lasting protection against environmental influences preserves the value of automobile clear coats. We at Menzerna are dedicated to improving economic efficiency. The sparing use of materials and short process times are priorities. We do not use any silicones and fillers. This ensures you can enjoy good car polishing results. And we keep on getting better: We are always working on the development of best car polishing compounds.

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