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About Us

At Ceramic Auto Pro (CAP), we are passionate about top-notch car care. With locations in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Mardan, our team is composed of professionals accredited by Gtechniq, each dedicated to providing superior protection and enhancement for your vehicle.With over twenty years in the auto industry, we specialise in Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Ceramic Coating services using advanced Gtechniq products. These treatments ensure your vehicle not only shines but is also protected against environmental damage, maintaining a glossy finish for years.We believe in quality over speed, taking the time necessary to achieve flawless results. Our approach goes beyond typical services; we tailor each treatment to your vehicle’s specific needs, ensuring personalized care.Our facilities are designed to reflect our commitment to excellence, providing a clean and modern environment where your vehicle is treated with the utmost care. We only consider our work complete when it meets our high standards and your full satisfaction.Choose CAP for a professional car care experience where your vehicle is not just serviced but carefully protected by certified experts. Trust us to maintain your vehicle’s beauty and integrity, ensuring comfort and confidence with every service.

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